Keeping up with Technology

Keeping up with Technology

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Computers, cloud services, networking, we can cover your needs with our IT help desk.

Our Services

  • Information Technology

    – Computer and Computer Service
    – Business Help Desk
    – Global VPN Solutions
    – Telephony / VOIP Solutions
    – Cloud Services
    – Mobile Devices Management
    – Server and Desktop Networks

  • Accounting

    – Bookkeeping
    – Accounts Receivable and Payable
    – Prepare Accountant-Ready Tax Files
    – Financial Correspondence
    – Prepare Periodic Financial Statements (P&L, Balance Sheets)
    – Prepare and File Sales Tax

  • Human Resources

    – Employee Manual
    – HR Management (Recruiting, Reviews)
    – Training and Development
    – Third Party 401k, Health Insurance and Payroll Management

  • General Business Services

    – Business Registration (Sole proprietorship, LLC, LLP)
    – Mailbox Set up and Mailings
    – Phone System Management
    – Filing and Organizing
    – Customizable Business Emails
    – Conference Rooms

  • Media

    – Printing Services
    – Photography
    – Graphic Design
    – Media Conversion
    – Media Workshops
    – Video
    – Social Media

  • Web Development

    -Web Design Management
    -Web Content Management
    -Customized Web Management
    -E-Newsletters & Content Management

  • Branding & Advertising

    – Branding Material (Brochures, Flyers, Logos, Business Cards)
    – Commercials/Advertisements
    – Local Paper Ad
    – Web Banners
    – Social Media
    – Google Ads
    – PR and Marketing Strategy
    – Social Media

  • Real Estate Management

    – Rent Collection
    – Property Maintenance Quotes
    – Vendor Research
    – Contract Maintenance
    – 24/7 Emergency Answering Service
    – Maintain Leases and Show Vacant Properties


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